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Lose Weight Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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Stop Smoking

Our quit smoking hypnosis sessions. Are quick and effective.Designed for your personal needs and goals.

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Lose Weight

Have you ever dreamed of a thinner healther life? Our Weight management hypnosis session is just what you need!

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Build Confidence

Build self-esteem and confidence in the changes you desire to make in your life. Allow us to assist you in meeting your needs in life.

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First What makes us different than other Hypnotists. We travel to You!

Our sessions are designed to provide complete relaxation in the comfort of your home or office.(704) 885-4501 for your appointment.


And lastly, this one. Reviews.

Alisa A: Thursday nite at the Broken Spoke you hypnotized John to quit smoking. Well, it worked. He is still trying to wrap his head around it. After smoking two packs a day, he can't even take two drags! Amazing

Another Amazing Review.

Ron ,Thursday Night I Was Your First To Gp Under.........I Was A 2~ 3 Pack A Day.....My Dad Passed Away 3 Yrs. Ago With Lung Cancer ..His Birthday was Oct.20 ...I Have Not Had A Cig In 3 Days ...What A Great Present To Give Him .....Wow ..Thanx YouSo Much .......You Are Incredible !!!!!

Patrica G. Review.

Ron, I have lost 30 pounds since our session, I am so very happy and pleased with the results.